streetsulogoStreets University is for teens & young adults that already exhibit a level of hustle and people or tech skills unlike their peers; especially youth from urban city environments. What our course work of instruction, activities, assignments and projects does is give those willing to learn some freedom to work when they please, earn not just minimum wage, but an income directly related to the amount of work they are willing to put in.

Who: Local School District, In or Out of School, Foster Care, TANF, Low-Income, WIOA

What: (group workshops & assignments, individual work activity & assignments)

Learn WordPress by creating profiles in our online business directories (paid work activity)

Learn salesmanship by recruiting small business owners & nonprofit program sponsors

Information Technology (IT)

Provides enterprising youth &adults a marketable tech skill and promotes IT career paths in web development, video production/editing, and social media marketing

Provides an avenue to learn how to write more effectively and to increase ones vocabulary

To provide instruction on using cloud-based technology for productivity, business and school

Salesmanship = Earned Income

To introduce enterprising participants to the principles of salesmanship & goal-setting

To introduce students to the concepts and principles of commission & residual income*

Academic Enhancement: Outcomes & Competencies

Increased competencies in reading, writing, math, critical-thinking skills, problem-solving,

Activities include setting appointments, being on-time, exhibiting courtesy, hand-shakes, appropriate attire, interviewing, job-shadowing, and community service i.e. special projects for small business/nonprofits such as website promotional via social media marketing & video

Other Activities

Field trips, guest speakers, internships, job-shadowing opportunities and employment referral

Nomination and public recognition for program, academic and personal achievements

Youth and young adults dream of becoming entrepreneurs, despite America’s lingering recession

A survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive® on behalf of the Kauffman Foundation in August 2010, among 5,077 youth ages eight to twenty-four.

The results show that business ownership continues to capture the imaginations of America’s youth, particularly for those who know a successful entrepreneur personally.

Primary Deliverable:

Each student that succeeds in learning the skills required to create business profiles can earn no-less than $10 per profile completed.

Those choosing to only recruit sponsors (salesmanship) will earn $40 per sponsor* for the first 25 and $50* per sponsor thereafter.

(plus $10 if they choose to create the business profile for their new business sponsor)   

*Residual Income