How Can Streets University Program help me?

Streets University has 12 core program workshops (36 hours) that provides our students with instruction, hands-on experience and advisors that assists them to complete specific tasks that lead to computer skills using WordPress and earning an income.

IBSA programs, services and activities have impacted more than 10,000 youth since 1993

This youth enterprise development program relies on:

  • A proven curriculum
  • A wide range of training topics including:
    • Writing skills
    • Market research
    • Market analysis
    • Financial literacy
    • Real-life examples of enterprising youth
  • A Facilitation Team and process
    • An experienced Facilitator
    • Knowledgeable Community Advisors
    • Small group exercises & projects
    • Weekly take home assignments
    • Individual meet-ups with program advisor and sponsors, who will assist in your preparation to set schedules, refer friendly local business owners or community leaders to meet with, and to help with any technical work completing online business profiles


About streetsu

Streets University is for teens & young adults that already exhibit a level of hustle and people or tech skills unlike their peers; especially youth from urban city environments. What our course work of instruction, activities, assignments and projects does is give those willing to learn some freedom to work when they please, earn not just minimum wage, but an income directly related to the amount of work they put in.

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