Activities & Assignments

Developing That Enterprising Mindset

  1. Explain the responsibilities of a salesperson and how a salesperson serves customers and helps stimulate the economy.
  2. Explain why it is important for a salesperson to do the research on business prospects to be sure the product or service meets the needs of customers. 

Learn all about the product or service to be sold.

*If possible, visit the location where the product is built and learn how it is constructed. If a service is being sold, learn about the benefits of the service to the customer.

  1. Follow up with customers after their purchase to confirm their satisfaction and discuss enhancing their product or service through social network marketing and/or video.
  2. Write and present a sales plan for a product or service and a sales territory assigned by your Advisor.
  3. Make a sales presentation of a product or service assigned by your Advisor
  1. Do ONE of the following and keep a record (cost sheet). Use the sales techniques you have learned, and share your experience with your Advisor:

a) Help raise funds through sales of merchandise or tickets to an IBSA or program sponsors event.
b) Sell your own digital services (online business listing, WordPress Website, Etc.) to a local small business or nonprofit organization.
c) Follow up after the sale is completed on a quarterly basis to determine the customer’s (your program sponsor) satisfaction.

Earn Money through Artful Dialogue

  1. Do ONE of the following:

A) Interview a salesperson and learn the following:

  1. What made the person choose sales as a profession?
  2. What are the most important things to remember when talking to potential customers?
  3. How is their product or service sold?
  4. Include your own questions.

B) Interview a retail store owner and learn the following:

  1. How often is the owner approached by a sales representative?
  2. What good traits should a sales representative have? What habits should the sales representative avoid?
  3. What does the owner consider when deciding whether to support a cause?
  4. Include your own questions. Investigate and report on career opportunities in sales, then do the following

a. Prepare a written statement of your qualifications and experience. Include relevant classes you have taken in school and any other merit badges you may have earned.

b. Discuss with your Advisor what education, experience, or training you now think you should obtain so that you are better prepared to excel in presenting yourself.

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