Program Positions

StreetsU Program Administrator

  • Handle intake paperwork, program registration, inquiries, data-collection, etc…
  • Prepares reports as needed, manages public relation efforts,
  • Meets with program staff & external partners on an ongoing basis to assess program efficiency & community effectiveness, to answer questions and provide comment, leadership and advocacy to the program and other youth concerns.
  • Assists Program Coordinator when appropriate, attend social functions and work in cooperation with other Partner Agency staff and those of IBSA, Inc.

Program Coordinator

  • Sets up guest speakers, attend public functions to promote program results, and prospect for small business owners that show an interest to sponsor a youth involved i.e. Chamber Members, Downtown Business Associations, Etc…
  • Assures refreshments are ordered, paid for and delivered for sessions agreed upon.
  • Setup and oversee any planned field trips by the group to visit local tech companies, gov’t agencies and any special events they may have an opportunity to work at and earn some additional income.
  • Assists Program Administrator when appropriate and work in cooperation; and collaboratively with the Workshop Facilitator and other designated staff.

Workshop Facilitator

  • Leads most group workshops when guest speakers are not providing instruction
  • Sets up room for workshop and prepares topic-level assignments for sessions
  • May spends additional time with student(s) as needed to complete assignments, projects, and other documents that may include job application or resumes
  • Meets with students as-needed, and on a one-on-one basis to answer question, ask questions and help them sort through some things that are unrelated to StreetsU.
  • Assists Program Coordinator when appropriate and work in cooperation; and collaboratively with the Program Administrator and other designated staff.

Advisor/Mentor Responsibilities

Provides Insight, Expertise & Advice That:

  • Helps students reach business sponsor goal & access to other support
  • Identifies other products available to sell; or services to render
  • Develops potential customers/program sponsors for youth they advise
  • Helps seize opportunity at special events & other community activities
  • Help to calculate earned income on products sold/services rendered
  • Encourages students to participate in other events, activities or programs that provides an opportunity to a earn legitimate money
  • Helps to identify other community resources & professionals that will assist them complete required assignments & special projects
  • Increases chances to be nominated/win awards: Local, State, National

*Administrators, Facilitators, Teachers & youth program advisors can share information, insight and other opportunities to collaborate or fund-raise.*