Goals & Tasks

Minimum Goal for Each Student

  • Task include calling to schedule an appointment, being prompt to meetings and providing an excellent interview experience, sending thank you letters to each person interviewed for their time and support, and following up with each sponsor recruited 4-times a year.
  • Create an online directory business profile for the program sponsor recruited within one-week of their payment. (this task can be completed in one-hour)

Required Tasks for Each Student That Recruits a Sponsor

Draft and send a thank you letter to the business owner for sharing time out of their busy schedule to meet with you, accepting the interview and their ongoing or future support.

  • Gather information from the business owner so that you can create their online business profile in our directory(s) i.e. logo image, 10-keywords, written description of their business, preferred category(s), a few photos, social network links, video embeds, etc…
  • Login to the appropriate WordPress ‘dashboard’ and go step-by-step to complete the business profile.
  • Have an advisor review, recommend and sign-off on the work i.e. wrote thank you letter & mailed, directory profile completed and without error, invoices created & sent, etc.

We may use PayPal to pay students and business check to reimburse partner agencies.

Required Tasks for Each Student That Meets with a Potential Sponsor

  • Draft and send a thank you letter to the business owner for sharing their time to meet with them, for accepting the interview and to lay the groundwork for future support.
  • Take a personal assessment to see what could have been done to change the outcome?