Workshop Sessions


Overview of Program Modules:

1) About the Streets University Opportunity (learn skills = earn income)

2) Using Chromebooks, Tablets & WordPress to Complete Assignments & Projects

3) Learning the Fundamentals & Principles of Salesmanship

4)  Using Applications to Draft Correspondence & Complete Assignments, Develop a Winning Presentation and to Successfully Recruit Program Sponsors

5) Personal Time & Money Management (meeting goals & financial literacy)

6) Residual, Commissioned and Leveraged Income vs Traditional Wage Income       


Complete Final Assignments, Projects & Tasks
Evaluations and Recognition Banquet*

Comprehensive Training:

  • Principles and Dynamics of Sales (Overviews Each Week; Starting after Module 5)
  • Internet and Email Marketing, Website Promotion,

Other Income Opportunities:

  • Selling holiday greeting cards, calendars and unique gifts,
  • Selling raffle tickets at festivals and on a seasonal basis,
  • Selling other products created by IBSA or business partners on a commission basis,
  • Creating and selling their own product or service; or that of their peers,