StreetsU Challenge

If you are a business owner, educator, chamber employee or just a concerned citizen employed or retired but wanting to help groom one young person in your community… let’s work together to change the narrative.

Instead of just rooting for competing football or basketball teams, let’s compete among each other to empower one enterprising young person among us?

For now we are looking for one youth/adult pair per city and the larger the city, the more opportunity that will be available.

  • Are you connected in your community?
  • Do you know one young person age 14-15 that is a go-getter and seems willing to learn something new?
  • Do you believe in the concept of Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)?

Then we challenge you to join us for a one-year commitment to show others that there are alternatives to traditional learning & employment.

If you think you can change one young persons outlook in life, then feel free to contact us via a message on our Facebook page or by visiting our new GroupSpace to get started.


One caring adult to advise/mentor One enterprising young person through the StreetsU initiative.

*Limited Compensation Available
*Guidance Provided (Train-The-Trainer)