Creating a Business Profile

Step One: Login to the appropriate WordPress Dashboard

Step Two: At the top, hover your mouse over ‘New‘ and click ‘Listing

Step Three: Add the Name of the Business where is says ‘Enter Title Here

Step Four: Add a complete description for the business; including a few photos taken from their website (if they have one), their Facebook business page (if they have one), and any other relevant information. You can also visit these sites to copy & past information already provided about their business.

“Do not add a lot of info, but make sure whatever words you use provide a really good description of the business. This is where ‘keywords’ count and it’s also what ‘Search Engines‘ like Google will look for when people are searching for a business online by keyword, location & product or service”

Step Five: Type in the Business Address. As you start typing it in, the address may come up, so you can just click the correct address and the Map will orient itself and lock into that location.

Step Six: Check off any Category (to the right) that defines the business being added

Step Seven: Choose the Country, State and City of the business

Step Eight: Enter business hours; if known. If they have a website or business Facebook page, the information might be available there?

Step Nine: Add ‘Contact‘ information i.e. Phone, Email, Website address, and any known (working) URL to social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Google+ (Sample:

Step Ten: Add a Link to any ‘Video Promotional‘ the business may have on YouTube; plus any ‘Special Offers‘ available from the business i.e. Discounts for Senior Citizens, Veterans, State Employees, etc…

Step Eleven: Check the appropriate Listing Package paid for by the business

Step Twelve: Under ‘Review Settings‘ un-check the box for ‘Allow Reviews

Important: On the right hand side (near the top), click the ‘Save Draft‘ button before adding the ‘Featured Image’. This must be done separately.

NOTE: To add theFeatured Imageyou will have to download it to your computer and then upload it to the ‘Media Library’ 

Now you can go back to the listing to click ‘Set Featured Image‘ and choose the one you just uploaded. Once this is done, click the ‘Save Draft‘ button again.

If you have any questions or need help figuring something out, connect with your ‘Program Advisor‘ for help. This is a learning process and mistakes are expected. If you don’t have a Program Advisor, send your questions via email to an IBSA staff member at and we will walk you through the process of completing any specific task you don’t understand.

Once you have created a basic online business profile, let your Program Advisor know so they can review your work, make comment, suggestions or necessary changes, and to assist you in correcting any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors you may have overlooked.

After your Program Advisor or an IBSA Staff member approves your business profile, you will get paid the appropriate fee for your work. The business profile you created won’t go ‘live’ and you won’t get paid until it is cleared by your Advisor or an IBSA Staff member. Remember to ask if there is any other side work you can do to maintain existing profiles. Students are paid a flat-fee for this work. i.e. adding pictures, maps, video embeds or links to other sites business profiles

Want to know more about the Directory Theme we use? Visit the Templatic Website to read up and learn more…